Urethane Molding

Urethane molding will hasten your speed to market and reduce your expense on tooling. AMD Plastics offers urethane-casting applications using polymers that suit a range of industries, including health care and aerospace. Urethane molding delivers consistency, precision and production flexibility.

Urethane Molding Can Replace Injection Molding. AMD Plastics can create tooling using stereo lithography / 3D printing technology so you can begin production immediately. Urethane casting is an efficient, accurate method of generating low volumes of parts. Some companies use urethane molding as a bridge to injection molding because volume does not yet justify a significant tooling investment. Also, urethane casting can replicate injection-molding techniques such as producing detailed internal features.

Make Quick Tooling Changes and Maintain Timely Production. Urethane offers the flexibility to scale up or scale back production, and to easily make mold modifications or different molds if a product or part is "evolving." AMD Plastics engineers molds for manufacturability and works with you to create a design that will result in a concise, consistent plastic component.

From Design to Production-On Time. We offer stereo lithography (SLA - 3D printing) to provide on-time patterns and prototype parts. Our vast selection of plastic materials ensures a best fit for your part or product.

No Drawing, No Problem - Bring Us Your Legacy Parts. If you are in a highly regulated industry, such as medical, or aerospace, and have a part where certifications can't be changed, bring it to AMD Plastics. All we need is a part and we can replicate it.

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