Vacuum Forming Achieves Part Complexity and Reduces Tooling Costs

AMD Plastics offers a range of plastic thermoforming processes, including vacuum forming. Vacuum thermoforming is a process where a two-dimensional plastic sheet is heated and draped against a mold. Heat and vacuum force are applied to create the desired plastic shape.

We use other thermoforming assists such as snap-back thermoforming, plug assist, and billow snap-back thermoforming. These additional processes can minimize material thinning and increase pressure to ensure consistency and part definition.

Vacuum Thermoforming vs. Pressure Thermoforming
AMD Plastics works closely with customers to help select the proper plastic thermoforming process for their parts and products. AMD Plastics has the capacity to perform pressure thermoforming, which is ideal for components that require crisp detail.

Vacuum thermoforming can also provide a textured finish when plastic sheets with a grain finish are selected. (In such a case, pressure thermoforming would "force" the detail out of the plastic. Therefore, materials selection can greatly impact the decision to use pressure or vacuum thermoforming techniques. An AMD Plastics professional can guide you toward the most effective plastics forming application for your project.

Thermoforming Overview

Thermoforming vs. Injection Molding

Thermoforming Stands Up Against Fiberglass

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