Plastic Thermoforming vs. Injection Molding

Drastically Reduce Cost of Molds and Go To Market Faster

AMD Plastics is an experienced thermoforming plastics manufacturer, and our consultative staff can help you select the best plastics manufacturing process for your part or product. Thermoforming offers cost benefits, translating to less expensive molds. Plus, you gain greater production flexibility with shorter runs. AMD Plastics can produce a single prototype up to a few hundred, or a few thousand pieces. And, we promise fast time to market. Injection molding can be a better choice for very high volumes.

Cost-Effective, Efficient Tooling
When time to market is critical, thermoforming can be a smart alternative. Injection mold tooling typically takes several months to create. This can slow the product development cycle significantly, depending on the manufacturer and product. Typical tooling for thermoforming production molds can be completed in a few weeks and prototype molds in half of that time. Injection molds can cost up to five times more than molds used in plastic thermoforming and take months to create.

Achieve Tight Tolerances
Injection molding is not the only plastics manufacturing process that offers tight tolerances. Many are surprised to learn that AMD Plastics can achieve final part tolerances of 0.005 inch on cut surfaces because CNC machining follows the thermoforming process. Because our ISO 9001 operation is a marriage of manufacturing and machining, your component never has to leave AMD Plastics. We guarantee accuracy.

Thermoforming Overview

Thermoforming Stands Up Against Fiberglass

Vacuum Thermoforming vs. Pressure Thermoforming

Find out how much thermoforming will save you over injection molding!



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