Plastic Thermoforming Offers Manufacturing Flexibility, Reduces Tooling Expenses

Choosing the right tooling and plastic material ensures desired results. But equally important is selecting the right type of thermoforming process. Plastic thermoforming offers a range of benefits, including cost efficiency and versatility. AMD Plastics can help you choose the best type of thermoforming for your part or product. We offer vacuum thermoforming and pressure forming, along with other assists such as snap-back vacuum forming and billow snap-back vacuum forming.

Our complete thermoforming capabilities give us the diversity to complete your part or product in-house from design to delivery.

What is Plastic Thermoforming?
Plastic thermoforming is a process where a plastic sheet is heated and draped over a mold, and then vacuum and pressure is applied to achieve the desired shape. The finished thickness depends on the design of the part or product.

Save Significantly on Tooling Expenses
With thermoforming, AMD Plastics can reduce the cost of your molds for your plastics product or part by up to 80% vs. injection molding. We achieve the high tolerances you require, down to 0.005 inches or tighter on cut tolerances.

Achieve High Tolerance and On-Time Production
A typical mold used in thermoforming costs $4,000-$7,000 for 0.015-inch tolerance (3 x 4 foot mold) or about $8,000 for 0.005-inch tolerance on cut tolerances compared with $50,000 to $100,000 for injection molds. Thermoforming allows customers to make necessary changes to new products quickly; speeding the time to market with lower cost.

Produce Commodity or Complex Plastic Projects
With AMD Plastics thermoforming, we can give you a textured product without the cost or time involved in texturing a mold. Our experienced staff will work with you to evaluate your project and determine the best type of thermoforming, plastic material, and secondary operations to produce the desired outcome.

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