Systems: VKS, ERP, EDI

Our VKS System has a computer work-station at each work cell. This set-up gives step-by-step work instructions to our team members and requires real-time reporting. This allows us to monitor live progress and productivity performance in real time. With multiple locations, it allows our management team to get live updates no matter where your product is being formed. VKS will plot results live onto a chart for real time trends analysis. The system will setup warnings and out of specifications limits, automatically sending alerts and keeping our process in check. This system will work in concert with our other systems. Our purchasing, inventory control, job costing, etc. are centrally integrated with the AMD Plastics ERP system. AMD Plastics uses EDI to communicate with customers who are EDI capable. This allows data to be electronically transmitted – orders, forecasts, ship notices, invoices. Our systems have been designed and implemented to make our process seamless.

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