Stereolithography (SLA) - Fast and Accurate

At AMD Plastics, we're focused on taking you from concept to completion, and that means offering a range of rapid prototyping services that you can test-drive before committing to a large-production run. Stereolithography (SLA) is ideal for concept models and master patterns for molding techniques—and it's an ideal way to test a product design. With SLA, we use 3-D CAD technology and a computer-controlled laser to cure photosensitive resin layer by layer. The finished part is completed within hours.

Why choose SLA? It's fast and accurate, with tolerances within 0.010 inches. SLA meets a demand for crisp, detailed prototypes, and AMD Plastics' experienced design and manufacturing team completes the process.


Additional services at AMD Plastics include:

Secondary operations to plastic thermoforming

Painting/Special Coatings/Finishes

Metal Machining

Plastic Material Properties

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