Design through Delivery: Supporting Plastic Thermoforming with Secondary Operations

At AMD Plastics, we take pride in our diverse manufacturing operation because we walk our customers through their project from design to delivery. Bring your print or CAD model to our experienced engineers and well take it from mold production to finished part and help you select the right thermoforming process for your project. (Not sure? Here are some factors to consider.)

We wrap thermoforming and machining, our core services, with finishing, painting, and assembly capabilities so you can keep your project under one roof. The benefits are reduced returns, single source accountability, and a guarantee that your finished project is accurate to your specification.

Secondary Operations
AMD Plastics provides these secondary operations to complement plastic thermoforming processes:

  • Design and engineering with CAD
  • CAD translations if needed
  • CMM measurement and 5-axis CNC machining
  • Assembly
  • Fabrication
  • Boss, blocks, inserts and channel attachments that allow our thermoformed parts to be used in parts that are normally injection molded.
  • Colors, paints and finishes

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