Reduce Production Time with In-House Finishing Services

AMD Plastics is a full-service plastics manufacturing operation that allows you to complete your project in-house with a range of painting and finishing services. Because your product stays here for these "extras," you reduce the risk of errors or damage in transport. Plus, you gain project efficiency because our team ushers your part or product through the entire process, from designing for manufacturing to mold production to finishing touches. This results in cost savings, accuracy, and the surety that your project will meet your goals.

Dedicated Paint and Finishing Department
AMD Plastics offers finishing, painting and assembly. We can accommodate complex designs that include texture and decoration. Our dedicated paint department employs the latest technology to provide the desired finish.

Save Cost and Speed Production
The less your project is shifted between facilities, the more efficient, cost-effective and consistent the results. That's why AMD Plastics keeps its secondary operations like painting, finishing and assembly in-house so we can ensure quality. We want to be totally accountable for your part or product. Your project can start and finish here.

Additional services at AMD Plastics include:

Secondary operations to plastic thermoforming

3D Printing (Stereolithography -SLA 5000)

Metal Machining

Plastic Material Properties

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