Prevent Errors and Runaround with AMD Plastics Machining

When your project can stay in one facility, you save cost, prevent errors and speed time to market. This gives your company a competitive edge and increases the profit potential of your product. AMD Plastics is a complete plastics manufacturing partner because we go beyond plastic. Our metal and machining capabilities give you the option to take a project from start to finish without it leaving AMD Plastics' operation.

Our machining capabilities include:

  • CNC machining
  • 5-axis CNC routing
  • Assembly
  • In-house metal machining expertise
  • Fabrication

Additional services at AMD Plastics include:

Secondary operations to plastic thermoforming

3D Printing (Stereolithography -SLA 5000)

Painting/Special Coatings/Finishes

Plastic Material Properties

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