Each new project at AMD begins with a program manager. Our experienced team will help guide your project from design concept to shipping finished goods off the production line. Our experts will help with an in-house pattern, tool design, material choice and selecting the best options for manufacturing to meet YOUR needs.

With our own extrusion house, AMD has the ability to provide custom sheet without a long time. We can extrude sheet in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. The options offered for film overlays on our sheet are quite attractive for automotive, appliance, medical, and household applications.

At AMD, we are experts in thermoforming. With over thirty years in the business, and four facilities in North America, AMD is positioned to help with you with any thermoforming needs. Our machines are vast in number and size. AMD manufactures very detailed, intricate small parts in high volume runs. We also have the ability to manufacture large parts up to 11 feet in length with deep draw.

AMD forms both single sheet and twin sheet products for our customers. Many of our customers utilize operations for inserting metal reinforcement, expanding foam, or even gluing multiple single sheet products together for one assembly.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with 5 axis CNC routers and state of the art water jet trimming machines for precise cutting. The addition of the water jet trimmers allows AMD to manufacture with additional material types designed for automotive use.

AMD has a complete paint booth operation. Our specialists can customize your part for a perfect Class A Finish.

AMD’s Assembly Team works with detailed work instructions from our engineering team to build complete products with components.

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