Thermoforming and Urethane Molding Solves Problems in a Range of Applications

With AMD Plastics' thermoforming/vacuum forming, you can reduce the cost of plastic molds by up to 80% compared to injection molding while achieving high tolerances down to 0.005 inches (or tighter) on cut tolerances. Our 5-axis CNC routers that post cut the cooled parts makes this possible.

AMD Plastics' thermoforming technology allows for versatility and lower volume runs, which is ideal for industries such as medical, military, and aerospace. We can make textured products without the time and cost of a texturing mold, plus there's the flexibility to change molds economically. For customers that require legacy parts in highly regulated industries such as medical, AMD Plastics' urethane molding process allows for re-creating parts without obtaining permissions and certifications.

For all of these reasons, AMD Plastics produces parts for a range of industries, including:

Medical Equipment
Panels and parts used in medical equipment—such as MRI machines—can be produced from thermoformed/vacuum formed plastic and meet industry regulations. AMD Plastics produces side panels for medical beds, machinery housings and other covers for a range of medical devices.

AMD Plastics produces Urethane Parts for legacy medical parts that meet the same standards when they were originally designed, eliminating the need for FDA or DOD changes.

AMD Plastics makes a number of parts ranging from small to large for the Department of Defense. These parts require precision manufacturing with substantial quality assurance and measurement capabilities. AMD Plastics is able to meet these requirements that are well in excess of typical ISO 9001 certifications.

Large tractors and agricultural implements take a beating in the field, with repetitive hits to fenders, grilles and other components. These parts require high heat (up to 255°F.), solar-UV resistance around the engine compartment, including an automotive quality finish.

Thermoformed plastic is more flexible than fiberglass, so it stands up in rugged applications where fiberglass can crack. And because AMD Plastics uses solid sheets of colored plastic (fiberglass is painted), even deep scratches are not obvious because the color is still intact.

AMD Plastics can also produce agricultural products such as tanks, water troughs and any large part that you can imagine for the farm or livestock.

A wide range of industrial components are made by AMD Plastics ranging from functional equipment parts to large covers, housings, truck aftermarket, packaging equipment and structural components.

Thermoformed/vacuum formed components for the airline industry include fold-down trays, flight simulator panels and other panels used throughout the cabin. Materials are not flammable and achieve V-O/low-smoke requirements for the aerospace industry. Thermoforming is also economical for lower production requirements.

Thermoformed/vacuum formed plastic liners for bathtubs and showers (including shower trays) are less expensive than fiberglass and are more versatile because of the lighter-weight material. The material is strong and will withstand high usage. Also, specialty sheet can be used in the thermoforming process to create a marble look.

Recreational Products
AMD Plastics can produce thermoformed/vacuum formed parts for RVs, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. Our technology is also ideal for liners, panels, housings and other components that go into spas/hot tubs and exercise equipment.

Thermoforming large parts can reduce mold costs up to 80% vs. injection molding. AMD Plastics can achieve tight tolerances up to 0.005 inches, which is ideal for thin liners inside appliances. Large molds are costly, but thermoforming/vacuum forming allows for creating large parts with minimal mold expense and similar tolerances to injection molding on cut surfaces.

Signage and POP Displays
AMD Plastics' thermoforming allows for creating signs in a range of sizes with raised text to suit companies' display needs. The strong material stands up to environmental conditions and production volume can be adjusted to your needs. Small runs are not a problem.

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