Full-Service Thermoforming and Urethane Molding

Speeds Your Time to Market, Lowers Tooling Costs, and Provides One-Stop Efficiency

AMD Plastics is an integrated source for plastics manufacturing that provides thermoforming and vacuum formed plastic parts that meet injection molding tolerances at 80% lower mold cost with shorter turnaround times.

We support our thermoforming and vacuum forming with 5-axis CNC machining of the formed parts to achieve tight tolerances on cut surfaces. Thermoforming, vacuum forming, and urethane molding utilize secondary operations like bonding, painting, finishing and assembly. With our in-house design and engineering services, AMD Plastics can help you take a product from drawing to delivery. That's how our business has grown.

Customers appreciate our 30 years of thermoforming experience, full-service approach, responsiveness, and ability to produce parts that range in complexity from simple to sophisticated parts with optical clarity. Sizes range from parts you can hold in your hand to near 11-feet long.

Why AMD Plastics?
Start and finish your plastics manufacturing project here. AMD Plastics is well rounded with all of the capabilities under one roof to fulfill customers' requirements. We offer thermoformed parts with extensive secondary operations, plus, our staff includes designers and engineers that can take prints to CAD/CAM, so you can go from mold to part.

At AMD Plastics, we design for manufacturability—our engineers work closely with you to ensure the most efficient, effective process for your run. We review materials to insure the best choice for your plastic part or product. We can guarantee accuracy on the most complex parts produced in our 65,000 square-foot facility. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Plastics Manufacturing for Short Runs, Complex Parts, and Diverse Applications
AMD Plastics will help you choose the best manufacturing process for your plastic part. We'll explain how thermoforming is beneficial vs. injection molding, and why thermoforming can improve the quality and cost-effectiveness compared to a fiberglass part. With tight tolerances down to 0.005 inches on cut surfaces, you'll achieve desired precision while saving more than 80% of mold cost vs. injection molding. Our facility is equipped with the latest machining technology including 5-axis CNC machining centers and routers. And, we have stereo lithography (SLA) capabilities for rapid prototyping and the production of urethane-molded parts.

Do you need...

  • To reduce mold costs by 80% over injection molding
  • Fast turnaround on parts
  • Parts anywhere from 2 inches to nearly 11 feet long with cut tolerances to ±0.005"
thermorformed pole cover

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